Read the following passage from the story Vanka and answer the questions that follow:

Nine year old Vanka Zhukov, who had been apprenticed three months ago to Alyakhin the shoemaker, did not go to bed on Christmas eve. He waited till his master and mistress and the senior apprentices had goneto church, and then took from the cupboard a bottle of ink and a pen with a rusty nib, spread out a crumpled sheet of paper, and was all ready to write. Before tracing the first letter, he glanced several times anxiously at the door and window, peered at the dark icon, with shelves holding cobbler’s lasts stretching on either side of it, and gave a quivering sigh. The paper lay on the bench, and Vanka knelt on the floor at the bech.

‘Dear Grandad Konstantin Makarich,’ he wrote. ‘I am writing a letter to you. I send you Christmas greetings and hope God will send you his blessings. I have no Father and no Mummy and you are all I have left.

1. Do you think Vanka is afraid of his master? Identify the sentences from the passage that support your answer?

2. Read the passage and write about Vanka’s family. 

3. Christmas is the time for sending greetings , gifts, good wishes, etc. The boy in the story ‘Vanka’ wishes to send Christmas greetings for his grandfather. Prepare the text of the greetings he would send his grandfather. 

4. Vanka spread out a crumpled sheet of paper. Choose the term that would suit the function of the word ‘crumpled’ from the box given below.

Noun phrase, Verb phrase, Adverb phrase, Adjective phrase

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