Read the following passage from the story Vanka and answer the questions that follow:

Vanka raised his eyes to the dark window-pane, in which the reflection of the candle flickered, and in his imagination distinctly saw his grandfather, Konstantin Makarich, who was a night watchman on the estate of some gentlefolk called Zhivarev. He was a small, lean, old man about sixty-five, but remarkably lively and agile, with a smiling face and eyes bleary with drink. In the daytime he either slept in the back kitchen, or sat joking with the cook and the kitchen-maids, and in the night, wrapped in a great sheepskin coat, he walked round and round the estate, sounding his rattle. After him, with drooping heads, went old Kashtanka and another dog, called Eel, on account of his black coat and long, weasel-like body. Eel was wonderfully respectful and insinuating, and turned the same appealing glance on friends and strangers alike, but he inspired confidence in no one. His deferential manner and docility were a cloak for the most Jesuitical spite and malice. He was an adept at stealing up to snap at a foot, creeping into the ice-house, or snatching a peasant's chicken. His hind-legs had been slashed again and again, twice he had been strung up, he was beaten within an inch of his life every week, but he survived it all.

1. Describe Konstantin Makarich.

2. How is Eel described in the passage?

3. Identify the line which shows that Konstantin Makarich is a duty bound person.

4. Do you think Eel is a cunning one? Pick out the sentence to prove your answer.

5. What is Kastanka’s body compared to?

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